Bad Hair Day No More!

As a stylist, I see all kinds of hair in my chair!  It still amazes me that people spend good money to get their hair colored or styled a certain way and then skimp on good products.  WHY?!!!  It frustrates me to no end when my clients complain to me about how awful their hair is, but then continue to use terrible products on their hair.  It’s like washing your ‘dry clean only’ clothes in the washing machine and then complaining that your clothes are dull and ugly.


Go from this


to this!











Then I took a breath and realized the problem.  Client education.  There is none happening and that’s why people think it’s totally fine to use Pantene or Dove on their hair.  Here is what I tell all my clients:


Over the counter products or drug store products have A LOT of fillers in them.  They are about 10% real product and 90% WATER.  Stop wasting your money.  There is wax in them that coats your hair and creates buildup.  Salon products are about 90% product and 10% water so you don’t have to use very much of it and it does not have fillers in it.  You could say it’s like OTC drugs and prescription drugs.

If you went to the doctor and the doctor said “You have cancer and you need chemo.” you wouldn’t tell the doctor, “that’s OK, I’ll just take some Advil.”

So just like that, listen to your stylist.  They are prescribing something for your hair problems.  

If you aren’t familiar with the idea of buildup, the most noticeable sign is when you wash your hair and it still feels dirty or takes a long time to dry.  Also, please stop using dandruff shampoos when all you really have is a dry scalp.  Dandruff is a fungus and needs to be treated with the right kind of shampoo.  If you have a dry scalp and use a dandruff shampoo you will end up drying out your scalp even more.  

Don’t get too excited when you see Salon products in Target or Wal Mart.  This is called “diversion”.  It’s terrible.  They have done studies on these products and found things like sewage water, Purell, and other random things in it.  What people do is buy those products either wholesale or on discount and then mix up other things in it to increase the quantity   They have bottles that look just like name brand bottles, and they fill them all up.  So there is no guarantee that what you bought is actually the name brand product.  That’s why there’s companies like “Salon Only Sales” that make sure these name brand products stay in salons only.  They only sell to salons and not individuals.

So with all that being said, I urge you to go and talk to your stylist about the best products for your hair.  You can find me at to ask any beauty related questions.  I can offer some suggestions on what to use for your hair issues.  Don’t forget to ‘like’ my page!

Liver and Onions with Paulo Coehlo!

I recently had some liver and onions, and ENJOYED IT.  My mother in law makes a really tasty version of liver and my husband recently made it.  This has been a journey for me.  I never thought I’d even encounter liver let alone try it.  But when I met Jayesh, I realized very quickly that he is not a picky eater and he LOVES good food.  So I decided to just put my concerns aside and eat whatever he presented to me.  When I first tried liver, it was a bit chalky and the texture threw me off, but I’m an open minded person and figured it must be an acquired taste.  I gave it several tries.  The spices that my mother in law puts on it are really good, so I concentrated on those flavors rather than the mineral flavor.  Somewhere down that road I stopped tasting the liver taste and actually enjoyed it.  




I think it was when I took a second helping that Jayesh noticed I was really enjoying the meal.  It surprised me, because typically I’m battling through each bite and trying to find what I like about it.  This time I just liked it and kept going.  I hadn’t even realized it.  

We both started talking about why I even bothered with the liver if I didn’t enjoy it the first time.  I just wanted to share that with Jayesh.  I never wanted him to feel like he couldn’t do something or enjoy something because I didn’t.  I did it for love.  Not for anything in return, but simply for Jayesh’s benefit.  

Not too long after this, a good friend of mine approached me with an excerpt from a Paulo Coehlo novel.  She presented me with some questions and told me to take a look.  I did.  I wanted to share my response and the excerpt with you, because the idea is worth sharing. 

Love is a powerful force.  It allows us to experience things we never would have, it gives us strength, builds us up.  At the same time it can be destructive and disappointing.  Love can change your mind, open your mind, and get you to like liver!  How do we tap into this power and really benefit from it?  Below you’ll find the link to the excerpt, my friend’s questions, and my response.  I’d really like to open this discussion up and hear what you guys have to say about it.



a) What do you think about this in general?
b) Too ideal? Is love so mythical/magical? Isn’t reality so much more practical?
c) People do things for love and we try to make the other person happy. Are actions used to ‘seduce’, then, illegitimate? Where do you draw the line between being loving (ie doing loving things for someone) and using love to get things (ie be loved back)?
d) Do you think Paulo Coelho over-values love? Is he making to big of deal of what it means in life to an individual?


My response:

In general, I agree with this 100%. A while back I started reading books written by Dr. Brian Weiss. They are about past life regression and hypnosis used to retrieve our soul’s experiences. One of the books really opened my eyes. I happened to finish reading it a while before meeting my husband. This book is called ‘Messages from the Masters’. You should read it, it’s enlightening and really opens your mind up to this concept that love is the strongest and most important force in our lives. After reading this book I allowed myself to just love, in it’s truest form. That is, love without expectation. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships but relationships with friends as well. People in general. I started to not expect anything from anyone and just did things because I wanted to, because I cared. I found that I could really care for people. At first it was difficult because not everyone is as kind and giving and it takes time to break that habit of expecting something in return. But I powered through and realized that I found joy in making others happy, and doing things for others. Soon I found myself surrounded by positivity and it seemed to be contagious. People in my life were kind to me because I was kind to them. So my relationships became stronger and better. Of course I still encounter negative people, and people who are just so cynical that they question my motives or wonder why I’m being so nice to them. But those people have a ways to go on their journey and I can’t judge them because I was once in their position. I find that I don’t have resentment, anger, jealousy, all the negative emotions associated with unmet expectations. When I met Jayesh, I was able to completely fall in love because that’s what my heart was feeling, not because I was expecting something in return. At that point, to me it seemed that whether he loved me right away or the same amount didn’t matter. I was open and loving and 4 weeks after meeting he asked me to marry him because he said he’d never experienced such an unconditional love from someone. I never pressured him to fulfill any voids because I didn’t have any. I was content, because I had spent all that time before meeting him allowing myself to be full of love. It changed me as a person. To this day our love is strong because we don’t have resentment. I think 10 years ago if I had seen a friend of mine get flowers from her boyfriend I would have gotten jealous. Asked myself ‘why is my boyfriend not doing that for me, there must be something wrong with him or me’ But this is toxic thinking and represents what is most wrong about relationships these days. The expectation. I don’t ever expect anything from my husband, I just love him and show him that I care, because I want him to feel loved. But I don’t expect that if I do something for him that he should do that for me in return. This has made it easy for him to show his love in his own way. He isn’t pressured, he’s allowed to open his heart and express love the way he knows how to.
I don’t think it’s idealistic, this idea of unconditional love. I think the world we live in doesn’t allow for trust and faith. Which are the two things it takes to love like this. I trusted my husband with my heart and I had faith that sooner or later he would love me back. There’s two kinds of people in this world. It can be seen most when meeting a stranger. There’s the kind of person, who, upon meeting a stranger, will be skeptical and not let the person in right away. They may keep their distance and be a bit rude until this person has given them a reason to be kind to them. Then there’s the kind of person who embraces everyone and is kind and trusting right away until the other person gives him or her a reason to not trust him or her. I think the latter find it easier to love the way Paulo Coelho is describing. The people who have those trust issues and cannot embrace people right away, give people the benefit of the doubt, those people I find have the hardest time sustaining a relationship because their hearts are closed.
Love being mythical or magical, I think that’s an interesting choice of words. Magic is an illusion, it is not what it appears to be. Myth is something that exists only in our imaginations or is fictitious. So I don’t believe that to be true of love. I think love and the power of love is very real. Most of this passage talks about having faith and even when things seem dim to know that the possibility of love and returned love is there. We just have to keep loving and being positive. It’s the same message as telling someone to remain positive even when the chips are down. To know that God has a bigger plan for us. Everything is meant to be, it is unfolding as it should, etc. What is practical or not is up to the individual. When you say reality is practical, what is your reality? Some would say it is practical to just openly love one another and spread that positivity. It is wasted energy to be negative and dwell on things, or to formulate and scheme. I think it takes less effort and energy to just love one another than it does to be negative. This is difficult because not everyone is on the same page and most will take advantage of someone who gives so openly. It then becomes important for the open person to discriminate between good people and toxic people.
Your question about doing things for someone is a good one. I think it’s important to consider motive and intention. Of course we try to seduce our partners, to get their attention. But I think it’s more important to understand why we do things. Did you just cook your boyfriend a big meal and rub his feet because you want to convince him that he should marry you, or did you do it because you know how much he enjoys that particular meal and you know he’s had a long day and would like him to relax? Did you say ‘I love you’ first because you wanted to hear it back, or did you say it because that’s how you feel and you need the other person to know how much you care for them? I think it’s fairly easy to analyze our actions. Are we doing something because we expected something in return or did we do it to simply elicit joy in the other person?
I think Paulo Coelho is right on the money with this excerpt. It only sounds like a big deal when you have been so far removed from the concept that it starts to sound idealistic and unrealistic. Love has so many forms, it isn’t only romantic. This particular excerpt answers a woman’s question about love always passing her by, however it can be interpreted to fit the love we have for our family, friends, and the love we should have for one another without the stipulation of having a relationship. 
When I hear the word love I don’t think of romance, lovers, boyfriends, or hearts and chocolate. The word love has been commercialized and changed to mean something I don’t believe it means. If we think of our feelings on a spectrum love being on one end and hate being on the other, then love simply means the absence of hate. It is the absence of negativity, hate, pessimism, etc. So with that being said, I think it is crucial and necessary for people to learn to feel this way, because it could very well save our lives.

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

This is seriously, the best grilled cheese I’ve ever made.  And I make a pretty good grilled cheese.  I made two at first, and as we sit down to eat Jayesh takes a bite, pauses and smiles at me.  As he finishes his sandwich he whispers to me, “Are you going to make more?”  That is a success!  Of course I made more!


This sandwich is packed with flavor and so easy to make.  

Here’s what you need:



Cooked bacon (skip this to make it vegetarian!)

Cream Cheese

Shredded mozzarella


Garlic Powder

Emeril’s Original Essence Seasoning


First set your oven to broil and put your jalapenos on a baking sheet and roast them.  Flip them and keep an eye on them.  You want them nicely charred on every side.  They should be cooked through as well.  Once they are done immediately put them in a ziplock bag.  They’ll be easier to peel.  I always skip this step, I don’t really mind the skins.  Most of it will flake away when you chop them up.  So once you’re done with that, chop them up.  Remove the seeds if you like, but we leave them in because we love the heat!

Next mix your cream cheese and shredded cheese together.  Just eyeball it.  You want the consistency spreadable but pretty full of shredded cheese so it will melt throughout the sandwich.  I sprinkled in garlic powder, pepper, and Emeril’s original essence.  Again I just eyeballed this, tasting it along the way until it was flavorful.

Spread the cream cheese mixture on the bread (every slice), top with chopped grilled jalapenos, and put a couple of slices of bacon on top.  


Heat up your pan with some butter.  Once it’s hot enough, put your sandwich on and grill it until it’s nice and toasted on both sides and the cheese is melted.


Careful it’s HOT, but SO SO good!



Mint Mocha Coffee

This morning I got a little creative.  I don’t have pictures, and really no measurements because I eyeballed everything.  I had some Ghirardeli milk chocolate chips and half and half left over from the Red Velvet Trifle that I made so I wanted to use them up.  

I put a pot on low-med heat and put in about 1/2 cup of half and half.  You could use milk or heavy cream whatever you have in your fridge.  I added about a handful or two of the chocolate chips.  I didn’t want the mixture to be too thick or chocolatey so I went easy on it.  You could add as much as you wanted.  If you use milk you might want to add more to thicken up the milk a bit.  If you don’t have chocolate chips you could use Hershey’s Chocolate syrup.  

After the chips were melted I added in a few drops of Peppermint extract.  It smelled SO good!  While this was going on I brewed about 20 oz of coffee in the Keurig.  Currently we have a really strong French Roast so it’s almost like espresso.  

That’s it!  Easy right?  Tasted better than the coffee shop!  The flavor was a lot like peppermint bark which I am currently obsessed with.  It was cold and snowing this morning so this was the perfect warm drink to snuggle up to.  Enjoy!

Hello I am Mommy Dearest

I’ve taken on a new job.  Of course I still do hair and makeup, those are my passions, but I have a bigger passion.  Being Mommy!  I got the wonderful chance to stay at home with my angel and I jumped at it.  We put him in Montessori School a few months ago, but he started getting sick all the time.  We know that’s normal, but each time he was sick I would have to stay home from work and after a while it just seemed ridiculous to call in all the time.  So I quit my job and decided to stay home to nurture and grow my angel full time.  


So far it’s been a few weeks, and it’s been wonderful.  He’s such a smart kid and it’s really nice to watch him explore and learn new things.  He’s very curious and cracks the biggest grin when he learns something new.  Potty training is going so well.  Each day I feel so blessed to be able to do this.  Years ago I thought I’d never be able to stay home and just be Mom.  Now that I’m here and I have this wonderful child with the most adorable smile, how could I be anywhere else?!  We have a new routine, and he’s very quickly become my best friend.  There’s a special bond between mom and son and I’m experiencing it right now.  My favorite part of the day is when he hugs me tight and says ‘Love you!’  No paycheck, award, or recognition even matches what that feels like.  


I can’t lie, I did hesitate a bit to begin with.  I told my husband that I felt uncomfortable not contributing.  He looked at me for a beat and shook his head.  ‘You are contributing the most, you’re raising our child.  Who else is better cut out to do this?’  This man is a gem.  Instantly I felt comforted.  He had faith in me, and that feeling is contagious.  He supports my dream and now my new role.  Everyday he gives me a new reason for why I feel so lucky to get to have a family with him.  It gives me pride in my new role.  


I feel so incredibly blessed.