The Evil Peanut

Some of you may be wondering where I disappeared to.  Let me explain.  

My little angel got the stomach flu and that went on for about a week.  Poor little guy was pooping and vomiting all day long.  So because I missed work and school I had to make up some hours which made my week pretty jam packed.  Then just when I think things are calming down I get a phone call from my angel’s school.

This is where I will start for today’s post.

It was a Monday and it had snowed and was pretty icy.  My parents were in town visiting.  I dropped my angel off to school and then made my way to work with my folks.  It took us an hour and a half to make the usually 15 minute trip.  Slipping and sliding the whole way.  Not even a minute after I park, my phone rings.

“Your son is having a reaction to something.”

I tell them I’ll call them back as I scramble to get a hold of my husband.  I don’t take it too seriously but i figure I’ll never make it there fast enough so I send my husband.  An hour later I get a call from him and he seems concerned.

“I gave him Benadryl an hour ago and the rash has spread down his body.  I tell him to go to the doctor and plan to meet him there.  I start to feel it might be serious.

When I get to the doctor’s office I enter the exam room and don’t even recognize the child sitting there in my husband’s lap.  That couldn’t possibly be my child, that’s not what he looks like!  But it was in fact him, and I was in complete shock.  My normally healthy child was suffering from a food allergy and we had no idea what caused it.  He had already received a shot of Epinephrine and had just finished throwing up the Benadryl they tried to give him.  The doctor tells us that we have to take him to the hospital just to make sure his reaction doesn’t get any worse.  At that point it was fine to take him in our car.  Jayesh went home to pick up our phone chargers and a few things.  While he was gone, the reaction seemed to be coming back.  They gave angel another Epipen and called the ambulance.  Of course my mind starts racing as they tell me this is a pretty serious reaction and he could stop breathing.  I felt completely helpless as I cradled my crying son.  

Fast forward a couple of weeks, we have now figured out he has a peanut and sesame allergy.  That day it was sesame that he reacted to.  So when they tested he was 90% reactive to sesame and 100% reactive to peanuts.  This frightens me.  If that was a reaction to a 90% allergy, what happens when he has peanuts?

This is how I see peanuts now:



So now we’re checking labels and thinking twice about what we eat and how we cook.  I can’t even begin to describe how scary this whole ordeal was.  The thought of losing my son is unbearable.  This little love of mine that I protected in my belly has an enemy.  He’s my little super hero and we’ve now discovered his kryptonite.  I imagine this must be how Superman’s mom feels.  The evil Mr. peanut is no longer welcome in our home.  Until my son can understand his allergies, it is my job to protect him.  I’m coming out swinging.  I’ll be damned if anything hurts my little Angel.  Mr. Peanut and his sidekick Sesame – beware.