J. Tailor Salon and Ghalichi Glam!

Who’s heard of Lilly Ghalichi?  Some love her, some hate her.  I really love her style.  I think she always looks great on the show and am obsessed with her voluminous hair and flawless makeup.  One of the things I’ve always admired is her lashes.  I found out she stacks her lashes and uses sometimes, 5 pairs of lashes on one eye!!  I dream of the day a bride will ask me to do this.

Lilly Ghalichi

Anyway, being that she’s so particular about her lash look, she created lashes that she approves of.  They are called Lilly Lashes, and they are AMAZING.  Each one has a beautiful shape that really enhances any makeup look.  From a mostly nude pin up look to a full on smokey eye, these are the lashes you want supporting the look.

Lilly Ghalichi

They are made with 100% human hair and the bands aren’t thick and bulky.  They are also reusable.

Here’s a few so you can see the style.

IstanbulTehranParisSaint Tropez

I fell in love.  So much that I wrote her an email.  I wanted to know if I could make these available to my clients and brides.  SHE SAID YES!!

So,  J. Tailor Salon is now an official retailer of Lilly Lashes!!

*happy dance*

Email me directly at j.tailorsalon@gmail.com to place your order if you already know what you want.

We have limited quantities for now, place your order soon!

Visit Lilly Lashes to view your options.

If you are out of town here is how shipping rates will work:

$2 for 1-2 lashes

$3 for 3-4 lashes

$4 for 5 lashes and more.

Let me know how much you love them!



VMA Fashion

I didn’t get to see the award show.  As some of you know, I’ve relocated to another state and don’t have cable right now.  Boo!  I know!  But I’ve been following it all online and this year was full of surprises!  Miley’s crazy tongue, JT’s incredible performance, and NSYNC!  Anyway, alongside the great musical performances were some pretty diverse fashion choices.  Here’s a few that I liked:

Here is Iggy Azalea in a beautiful Pucci dress.  Her ivory skin, slicked back hair, and pin up makeup just make this whole look.  The dress drapes beautifully over her body.  Simply stunning.


Iggy Azalea in Pucci.

Taylor Swift is wearing a stuck-on-the-body-licious dress that is signature of designer Herve Leger.  Of course she’s 11 feet tall and has the perfect body for this!  Flawless pin curls make this look retro-glam.


Taylor Swift in Herve Leger

Rita Ora is wearing a incredible Alexandre Vauthier dress.  Complete with crystal bodice and a feathered train.  Her stylist was the desinated train manager that night!  This dress is the stuff of little fairy princess dreams!  The textures, sparkle, and contrasting structure work!


Rita Ora in Alexandre Vauthier.

This is by far my favorite.  I am a woman of simple tastes…most of the time.  This Versace number that Selena Gomez is wearing is TO DIE FOR.  I love a dress with structure and sharp lines.  Her simple style and makeup keep the attention on this fabulous dress.  Her metallic shoes compliment the detail and the shape of the shoe goes well with the shape of the dress.


Selena Gomez in Versace.

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I was browsing Pinterest the other night and stumbled upon this tutorial:



Here is my attempt:

Not only was it super easy, but I’ve been getting tons of compliments.  It looks way harder than it is and when you see the tutorial images you realize just how simple it is.

I used some new China Glaze Neons and the glitter on my ring finger is OPI from the Muppet Collection.  It probably won’t last very long since my hands are constantly in water at the salon.  Maybe next time I will seal it with my gel top coat.  Worth a try!  Get into the neon trend, it’s so fun to look at!  My nails have been cheering me up!

Looking for a really good top coat? – use Seche Vite!  It is so so shiny and makes the color really pop!  It also distracts from minor imperfections because of the high gloss.  What are some nail trends you’re into?