Hello I am Mommy Dearest

I’ve taken on a new job.  Of course I still do hair and makeup, those are my passions, but I have a bigger passion.  Being Mommy!  I got the wonderful chance to stay at home with my angel and I jumped at it.  We put him in Montessori School a few months ago, but he started getting sick all the time.  We know that’s normal, but each time he was sick I would have to stay home from work and after a while it just seemed ridiculous to call in all the time.  So I quit my job and decided to stay home to nurture and grow my angel full time.  


So far it’s been a few weeks, and it’s been wonderful.  He’s such a smart kid and it’s really nice to watch him explore and learn new things.  He’s very curious and cracks the biggest grin when he learns something new.  Potty training is going so well.  Each day I feel so blessed to be able to do this.  Years ago I thought I’d never be able to stay home and just be Mom.  Now that I’m here and I have this wonderful child with the most adorable smile, how could I be anywhere else?!  We have a new routine, and he’s very quickly become my best friend.  There’s a special bond between mom and son and I’m experiencing it right now.  My favorite part of the day is when he hugs me tight and says ‘Love you!’  No paycheck, award, or recognition even matches what that feels like.  


I can’t lie, I did hesitate a bit to begin with.  I told my husband that I felt uncomfortable not contributing.  He looked at me for a beat and shook his head.  ‘You are contributing the most, you’re raising our child.  Who else is better cut out to do this?’  This man is a gem.  Instantly I felt comforted.  He had faith in me, and that feeling is contagious.  He supports my dream and now my new role.  Everyday he gives me a new reason for why I feel so lucky to get to have a family with him.  It gives me pride in my new role.  


I feel so incredibly blessed.  

3 thoughts on “Hello I am Mommy Dearest

  1. Lucky Mama, congrats on your new job – it’s a big one. And big high five to your husband for supporting you and encouraging you in this adventure.

  2. Soloni Behl says:

    Beautiful post! MUAH!

  3. Heather Le Gaux says:

    You got promoted!

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