DIY – Beaded Button Down Shirt

I was perusing the DIY blogs and ran into this amazing project.  This is on my list to do, but I have a few projects on my sewing table yet and need to finish those before I start up another one.  This is so incredibly cute and so very easy to do!  You don’t need a sewing machine, just some patience and a good attitude!  I will post my finished product once I get to it.  Feel free to show me yours if you do this one!

What you need:

  • a button down shirt
  • a mix of beads
  • a needle that is sturdy and fits through the beads
  • matching thread – strong thread

Once you’ve got these things, you’re ready to rock and roll!


Keep the shirt buttoned. Thread the needle with about a yard of thread and tie the ends into a double knot. Push the needle through the backside of the middle of the “placket”.  Yes, that is actually the name of that part with the buttons.


Slide a bead onto the needle and bring the needle back through the fabric on the other side of the bead. Continue sewing beads onto the fabric using this running stitch.


After adding 5-6 beads, secure the stitch by tying off the thread with a double knot. This helps reinforce the stitch, especially with the weight of the beads. If the thread is long enough, continue to stitch on another group of beads. If the thread runs out, go ahead and cut the thread and start again with the first step.


Continue adding beads in small groups.


Once you’ve gone about 3/4 of the way down, stop!


And you’re done!


If you would like to see the original post:

I love her blog!  It’s got so many amazing ideas, it will be sure to keep you inspired!

You can find some cute glass beads here:

God Bless America!

Hey everybody!  I’ve got a delicious recipe for you.  I saw this a while back on Paula Deen and tried it out.  But I switched it up and made it red white and blue for 4th of July.  So it being Memorial Day I thought, PERFECT!  Unfortunately the picture didn’t get taken or it was deleted, no idea what happened, and the pie is gone so there is no evidence!!  However I did find a picture of the original recipe which involves strawberries.


Here is what you will need:

  • 1 (12-ounce) container low-fat (1 percent) cottage cheese
  • 2 (0.3-ounce) boxes sugar free strawberry gelatin, plus 1 box (recommended: Jell-O)
  • 2 ready-made light graham cracker crusts
  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, plus extra for garnish
  • 1 (8-ounce) container frozen light whipped topping, thawed

The changes I made – I used regular sweetened jello because I don’t like using the sugar substitutes.  I got two boxes of the blue colored one perhaps it was blue raspberry and then I got a red one like strawberry.  I also just used cool whip right out of the fridge.


First you’ll make the 2 boxes of blue raspberry jello with 1 cup of cold water and 1 cup of hot water.  Once it’s dissolved add it to a blender along with the cottage cheese and blend.

Pour this into the pie crusts and let it set.

After it is set, make the red jello according to package instructions and pour over the top.  Let it set and then spread the cool whip over the top.  This will make you two beautiful pies that are sure to impress and taste so good!  Especially on a hot summer day!  It is a really nice light dessert and you can easily add fruit to the pie if you like.


Here is the picture of the Paula Deen version:


I hope you guys enjoy this pie!  It’s really one of my favorites to make because it’s SO easy and everyone always loves it!  Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and let us not forget the sacrifice that has been made so that we can enjoy this day!


God Bless America and our Troops!


Not Egg-zactly Your Average Scramble…

This morning my husband and I made our version of scrambled eggs.  I’m going to share this top secret recipe with you in hopes that you’ll love this flavor explosion just as much as we do.  I apologize in advance for the lack of measurement information.  You see we pretty much eyeball everything and don’t measure anything.  A general rule with the indian spices is to keep them even.  We call them the trifecta – cumin-coriander powder, red chilli powder, and turmeric.  So anyway here we go!

You will need (in no apparent order):

Eggs – As many as you would like

Salt – For taste

Cumin-Coriander powder

Red Chilli Powder


Chillies (green or red)






Cumin Seeds

Olive Oil

Chop up the fresh ingredients (onion, tomato, garlic, chilies, cilantro) and have them ready.  You will keep the tomato and cilantro till the end.

Crack the eggs and add a little milk for fluffiness.  Whisk away!

Heat up a little olive oil and add the cumin seeds.  Once they start crackling they’re ready.
Add in the garlic and onion and saute until the onion is translucent and starting to brown a bit.
Now the fun part!!  Add in the powdered seasoning to the eggs.  If you’re making 6 eggs like we did, add about a teaspoon of chili powder and turmeric and a bit more of the cumin-coriander powder.  Add in a bit of salt and whisk.  Once the spices are incorporated add  the eggs to the skillet.
Slowly rake the spatula through it every so often so that it will move away the cooked part and let more liquid on the skillet.  So basically-scramble it.
Remember that tomato and cilantro?
Throw it on top!  We also like to add cheese.  I add salsa and my husband likes to add Chipotle Tabasco.  Dress it whatever way you like!  We had some mashed potatoes from the night before so we just had that….
If you don’t eat a lot of Indian food, this will blow your mind.  It’s just a matter of balancing spices.  That trifecta I was talking about is what makes curry.  There’s no “curry” seasoning.  It’s a mixture of things, mainly the trifecta.  Here’s a breakdown of the spices:
Center: Cumin seeds
Top left: salt
top right: mustard seeds
right: pepper
bottom right: red chili powder
bottom left: turmeric
left: cumin-coriander powder
I also use cinnamon sticks, cloves, and curry leaves, but they’re in bigger jars and the leaves are in the fridge.  You’ll find that most dishes from Western India start in pretty much the same way, but somehow in the end…it’s always different!
You can find these types of containers at Indian stores.   Fill it with what you use the most of.  It’s very handy to keep out, the container isn’t ugly and you don’t have to dig for your key ingredients.  I love mine!
I plan on posting an Indian recipe- curry of some kind, daal, etc.  What would you like to see?  I’m open to suggestions.  Enjoy!

You have the power…

Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it. But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it even if I didn’t have it in the beginning.

This was said by Mahatma Gandhi.  I read it on my friend’s facebook and it hit me in a good way.  A few years back there were things I thought I couldn’t do and flash forward to now and I’m doing them.

  • I am a mother and wife
  • I live in a beautiful home
  • I run my own business
  • I sew
  • I crochet
  • I color, highlight, and cut people’s hair into a miracle
  • I transform people with makeup
  • I have an amazing supportive family
  • I have friends that love me
  • I am HAPPY everyday

These are all things I thought I couldn’t do or couldn’t have.  Make a list of your accomplishments.  When I do this, it reminds me that I am capable of many things and I shouldn’t let my insecurity or doubt get in my way.  I encourage you guys to think of something you think you “can’t do” and DO IT.  You just might surprise yourself.  If you ever feel a doubt just remind yourself of everything you’ve already accomplished.  You can do anything you set your mind to.  I believe in you 🙂

When I was in middle school, my principal would say every morning on the announcements – “Have a super, fantastic, wonderful day.  You have the power within you to make it so.  It’s up to you.”

I heard that everyday for almost 3 years and never thought twice about it.  Now at almost 30 years old I apply it to my life each day-wisdom doesn’t always come in shiny packages.

Hey Boo Boo!


Oh my goodness I’m in the mood for a picnic.  Too bad it looks like this right now:


Hopefully this weekend the weather gets better.  I think I’ll do a picnic anyway and if the weather is gross we’ll just picnic in the living room next to our big beautiful backyard!  I think I’ll make some deviled eggs, a salad, some chutney sandwiches, a muffalatta, and I’ve got some white wine spritzers to wash it all down.  For dessert?  Perhaps some fruit.  What is everyone doing for Memorial Day?  I will be spending time with my wonderful family and being grateful for all the sacrifice the men and women in the service have made for us.  I am so proud of our country and for all that it stands for.  It’s a place where you can really get somewhere if you put in the effort.  God Bless America!