Itsy Bitsy Snot

My poor little angel is fighting his first cold. Amazing isn’t it. We made it 18 months without any illness. I’m pretty sure he picked up something at school. He made it through his first week and came home with a cold. It didn’t hit him until Sunday and then all night he was screaming his head off because he couldn’t breathe. For those of you who haven’t dealt with this yet, here’s some advice. Aside from medicine, just pick your child up and rock or bounce them. It helps the mucous move. When they’re laying down it just collects and they get panicked because they can’t breathe. All they really want to do is cuddle anyway.

We gave him some benedryl to help with the congestion and just rocked him. He would softly ask for me to sing him Itsy Bitsy Spider. I would of course oblige. Not sure how a snot covered child sneezing and flinging boogers all over me is still so endearing. I couldn’t help but hold him and rock him, sing to him, and do everything in my power to make him comfortable. I rubbed Vick’s on his tiny chest and prayed with my whole heart that this passes quickly. We spent all night tending to him.

What an exhausting night. His first sick day. I see plenty of these coming now that he’s interacting with other children. Of course I feel horrible that he is so miserable, but I have to admit, all this extra cuddling is a bit of a positive for me. I can’t help it. I’m a cuddle-whore. I just love it. Someday he’ll turn to me and say “Mom, stop embarrassing me.” Until that time I will take every single moment of affection that I can-snot covered or otherwise. My lip muscles are quite adept, I’m able to fire off five kisses in rapid succession. He will not escape me!!


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