Brazilian Blowout Exposed!

BBBefore and After

I keep seeing these Groupons flying around for Brazilian Blowout.  Some of my clients and friends have participated in these and when they describe their experience to me, it sounds nothing like Brazilian Blowout.  I want to shed some light on what Brazilian Blowout is all about and what it’s like.  I’ve even got a real live testimonial and pictures of a recent client.  Know exactly what you are paying for and what to expect.  There are actually salons out there who say they’re doing Brazilian Blowout, but it’s some other product!!

First things first.

Brazilian vs. Keratin

The Brazilian Blowout is the original smoothing treatment and the best on the market.  It improves the condition of the hair and each subsequent treatment leaves the hair healthier than before.  It uses a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, rich with Acai, and a proprietary polymer system.  These amino acids coat the hair and smooth the cuticle, leaving the hair shiny, soft, and incredibly healthy!  It can be used to lock in color or just cut frizz.  It is NOT a relaxer and will not get rid of your curls, just the frizz.  It cuts down blow dry time and flat iron time.  There is no down time, so you can wash your hair right away, you can clip it up or tuck it behind your ears.  You can do your color right before the blowout or two weeks after.  I’d recommend doing it before to lock in color.

Keratin Smoothing depends on the product you use, but for the most part it’s long protein chains similar to the keratin that hair is made up of.  This is sealed on to the hair and the result is smoother, stronger hair.  Each subsequent time the hair will be stronger, but like anytime you use products with protein the hair doesn’t feel as soft.  After the treatment is put in you must leave it unwashed and straight for 3 days.  You shouldn’t clip it up or tuck it behind your ears.

With both systems the curl is not relaxed, rather the frizz is eliminated.  To have lasting results, use the corresponding shampoo and conditioner.  It’s best to not wait until the treatment is completely out of your hair to do the next one.

Both treatments can be fairly expensive, so make sure you’re getting it from someone you trust.  If you’re considering getting a groupon, take the trip to the salon that is offering it and ask to look at the bottles of treatment.  There are many salons that use the words “Brazilian Blowout” and “Keratin Treatment” interchangeably.  Don’t fall victim.

In my opinion, Keratin smoothing should be done if you’ve got really damaged hair.  And it shouldn’t be done back to back, over and over again.  I honestly think keratin should be added to the hair in the form of products like leave in treatments or shampoos/conditioners.  I don’t prefer Keratin Smoothing.

Aftercare Tips and Tricks

At J. Tailor Salon, we specialize in Brazilian Blowout.  I am certified and guarantee my work, provided you follow my instructions.  I am extremely meticulous about the procedure and do not cut any corners.  This is the only way I can be sure that your results will last.  There is a shampoo and conditioner that  I include with the treatment that will also help to make results last.  If you get your Brazilian Blowout done somewhere, please make sure they are completely instructing you on the after-care.  If your stylist tells you that it’s ok to use any shampoo and conditioner as long as it’s sulfate free, don’t listen!  Yes it’s better to use a sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner, but after you’ve gotten a Brazilian Blowout done, use the AntiFrizz Shampoo and Conditioner that is recommended for it.  It has the same amino acids in it as the solution so it will help the results last much longer.  If done properly the Blowout should last about 12 weeks.  There is a gradual fade from the hair so you won’t have a line where the new growth is like you would with a relaxer.  Make sure you get your next blow out before it is completely gone from your hair.  I know the mentality is to try to stretch as long as you can, but you want to build on the last treatment, this way it will get healthier and healthier each time.


I am going to be completely honest, yes, there is formaldehyde released when performing the blowout.  If you’re pregnant or nursing, don’t get one done.  They don’t have research, for good reason, on the effects on pregnant and nursing women.  Not many volunteers for that study!  However what they’ve found in their lab tests is that boiling broccoli releases more formaldehyde than the blowout.  The way I see it is that there is more harm around me on a daily basis, the food I eat, the microwave, second hand smoke, etc.  A while back when Brazilian Blowout came on to the market and became the best smoothing treatment around, there was some bad press that was leaked.  You will always have the skeptics and haters when a product is doing this well.  After using it and performing this on my clients, I can tell you from my experience that it doesn’t make me sick like a keratin treatment does.  When I do keratin treatments I get headaches and feel nauseous.  It also makes me lethargic and I’m pretty much out the rest of the day.  I don’t get that when I do blowouts.  I’m not here to convince you that it’s ok, I’m only telling you the facts and sharing my experience.

A Testimonial

I recently performed a blowout on a client and wanted to share pictures and her experience with you.  I want to make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for.  My personal take, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t do it!!  The hair is silky soft, so shiny, and very easy to manage.  This particular client, took some convincing, but I could just tell that everything she was complaining about would be solved with this magical treatment!

Here is the before:


Model has naturally curly frizzy hair with damage from previous chemical services and mechanical damages from flat ironing frequently.  Hair frizzes easily and has a large amount of volume.

This is her hair combed out and wet before application of the Brazilian Blowout Solution.

Before application

After we blow dried and flat ironed, we rinsed the hair and conditioned it with the Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque.  This is the final step in the blow out.   My clients hair is frizzy even when wet on a normal day.  After the blowout it was smooth!  You can see the difference already!

After Application

The picture below is after the rinse when we blow dried with just fingers.  It only took 5 minutes to get the hair completely dry.  Had she done this before the blowout, her hair would have been a giant afro.  As you can see you don’t lose the curl, just the frizz.  I finger dried her hair to show even when messily blow dried it is still manageable.  Had I used a round brush she wouldn’t have even needed to flat iron.

Blow dried with fingers.

It took less than 15 minutes to flat iron her hair.  I took large sections and quickly ran the flat iron through.  Here are the results:

After Brazilian BlowoutAfter Brazilian Blowout

Here is what my model had to say about the experience:

“I was skeptical in the beginning to put my hair through yet another chemical treatment. My hair was wiry, frizzy, coarse and damaged. I had fly aways on top of my fly always. My hair is extremely dense and on a normal basis, it took me 30 minutes to blow dry my hair and almost another 45 minutes to flat iron it. Who has that kind of time?!?
Shreeda asked that I try the Brazilian blowout to see if I could tame my hair.
When she began working on my hair I could immediately feel how her hands were just slipping through my hair.  There was no burning or harsh chemical smells.  When she was done flat ironing my hair, it literally felt like silk. It was extremely light and airy.
Then as per the instructions, Shreeda was supposed to wash the product out. This I thought for sure was going to undo all of her hard work and I would be right back to looking like a chia pet. As with my last experience with getting my hair treated with keratin, my hair would go right back to being huge and rough when I was done blow drying it. Not this time. I used my phone timer and it took Shreeda just under five minutes to blow dry my hair using only her fingers. The first word out of my mouth was wow! My hair did not have the wiry, frizzy look to it. It hadn’t grown three times it’s normal size! I would have walked out of the salon doing nothing more.
But just for curiosity’s sake, Shreeda went ahead and flat ironed my hair to see how long it would take. She was able to take larger chunks of hair then I normally would have when I  straightened my hair and it took just under 14 minutes to do! I am so happy I did this treatment. Not only does the product make my hair smell amazing, it feels great and light and manageable. I feel like I finally have time to do my hair instead of throwing it up in an ugly bun all the time.”

My Own Experience

I can speak from personal experience as well.  I just did the blowout on myself and I’ve never been able to just blow dry my hair and go.  I have no choice but to curling iron it.  And on top of that I can never just curl it, I have to smooth the roots with a bioionic flat iron and use a ton of products to eliminate frizz.  After the blowout, I was able to blow dry my hair, which took me less than 5 minutes and just smooth my ends with a flat iron and I was done.  It literally took me 7 minutes to do my hair.  And it looks polished and beautiful.  That is a huge difference from the normal 45 minutes it would take me.   My hair hasn’t been this shiny and healthy in a long time.  I urge my clients to come talk to me about it to see if it’s a good fit.  This product is amazing and it will change your life!

If you don’t want to get the whole blowout, you can try out the treatment with a Blowout Express or Blowout Mini.  We also offer the Split End Repairing Treatment.

Here is a before and after of one of my clients that did the Split End Repairing Treatment.

BeforeAfter SplitEnd Treatment




I’m going to go over the steps, so that if you’ve gotten something called a blowout in the past, you can see if it really was or not.

First, the hair is washed with an Anti-Residue shampoo.  Usually I wash the hair several times to make sure it is squeaky clean.

Second I apply the treatment all over.

Third I blow dry the hair smooth and then flat iron.  I even use the Brazilian Blowout iron!  The ironing is the most important part because the heat form the iron is what activates the product.  There is no harsh smell and fumes that will give you a headache or make your eyes burn.  The product smells great, like Acai berries!

Fourth, I rinse out the product.  I know!  After all that hard work, we just wash it right out!

Fifth, I deep condition with the Brazilian Blowout Masque.

Sixth, I style the hair with a few products and PRESTO!

275 thoughts on “Brazilian Blowout Exposed!

  1. legallysmitten says:

    I just got a BB and then a portable water softener about two weeks after. My hair doesn’t seem to be as smooth now, even though I am not washing with soft water. Is hard or soft water better for the BB integrity, and is the salt in my water softener affecting it?

    • All water has minerals that affect the hair. Soft water is better and the salt won’t hurt your BB. Chlorine will strip the BB from your hair. Test your water and see what all is coming through.

      • icanhave says:

        It’s the salt that wash away BB and such treatments the most (sodium chloride), that’s why you should protect it from the sea water. In Brazil they don’t even say sulfate-free shampoo, they say to use salt-free shampoo.

      • Michelle says:

        I want to dye my hair, maybe some highlights. Should I do it after or before the treatment? Thank you! 🙂

      • Definitely before the treatment. BB will lock in color and help hair stay healthy.

  2. Wyndi says:

    I went to a salon and purchased the BB and everything seemed to be fine. I spoke to a few people afterwards and realized that she never did the second wash with the masque. I called the next day and she said that the masque wasn’t really necessary but that she would be sure to use it when I come back for a shampoo. Did I get a true BB?

  3. Robin says:

    hi, i curious as to what flat iron you use for this process? and is this the same flat iron you use for styling after the blowout is done?

  4. JoniY says:

    My hair stylist advertises Brazilian Blowouts but she actually is giving keratin treatments. I was pretty angry when she told me to rinse my hair after 3 days. Only then did I realize she did not do a real B.blowout as advertised. I didn’t want another Keratin treatment but expected the real deal. Beware of shady stylists.

  5. Chitra says:

    Hi,thanks for your awesome post .its very informative . I got a Brazilian blowout done today as from what I am reading here she did a express one as she did not rinse at the end also she charged 120$ for that . Is that correct ?
    Can you suggest all the products needed to maintain this . As I also got a partial highlight done along with the blowout . Are the Brazilian blowout acai anti frizz hair care products available on Amazon the right now the right choice

    • Yes you had an express. It will last about 8 weeks. The BB products will help maintain especially if you had highlights done. Amazon is not a good place to get any salon professional brand. There is no guarantee that you are buying authentic products. I have had a few clients end up with full body rashes from products purchased from amazon. Get it from your Stylist.

  6. Dp11602 says:

    So I just got a BB. Stylist did all the steps that you listed except the mask. She gave me the mask to take home and use 24 hours later. Thoughts on this?

    • It’s not really how the manufacturer recommends it. There isn’t a real need to leave it on that long, it doesn’t make it stay longer. I am hearing from fellow stylists doing it this way not only boosts their retail sales but gets clients out the door faster. I personally don’t do it like this.

  7. Pau America says:

    Hi..i am planning to try the brazilian blowout. I have natural straight hair and i got a little crazy that i permed it at the bottom. After a month, my hair got dry and frizzy. I have a lot of falling hair and i think it is becoming dry. I was advised to have it permed straight then brazilian blowout after. I want my hair to be wavy and frizz free, coz i think it is impossible to bring back my straight hair. Can you help me decide on what is the best for my hair. Thanks

    • There’s a lot of factors at play here so I can’t accurately advise anything. I would actually have to feel your hair. Look up a certified blowout artist on the BB website and consult with them. There are different types of perms so it would depend on what was used.

  8. Suri says:

    I have curly hair, big heathy curtly hair. I wanted to get a BB but the stylist want to first relax my hair and then do the keratin. She said that my hair is too healthy and it won’t last if I don’t relax. She also said that the relaxing and the kerstin is the same as the BB. Confused.

  9. Katie says:

    Hi I just got a BB today (true BB, not a keratin treatment) and my stylist was way overbooked and she seemed to be rushing with me. She left the product on for ~20 minutes but when she was running the flat iron through she only ran it through each section once! And very quickly. I’ve read that stylists should run the flat iron through slowly and at least 2-3 times, even up to 10 times! But she did do the second wash, masque, and blow out at least (but didn’t leave the masque on…just put it in and immediately washed it out). My hair is like your first model’s hair (very kinky-wavy, not quite curly). What kind of results can I expect when I wash it out?? I wanted relatively straight hair, with maybe slight waves/bounce. 😦

    • It’s likely your frizz will return very quickly. The more passes of the iron the s.oother the hair. If she only did one pass then it wasn’t enough to seal the hair. The masque should have been kept on for 10 minutes. If it actually coated your hair enough it will not be as smooth as you want it. After one was if it is frizzy go back and complain. You deserve a full treatment done properly.

  10. Suri says:

    Can you please detail the steps to the BB?
    Where can I buy these products?


    • The steps are outlined in this blog post. The professional solution is available through a distributor for licensed professionals. The styling products are available through certified artists.

  11. Denise says:

    I did the BB on Friday 6 Nov’15. As I read the block it is clear that my stylist did everything correct and my hair look soft and silky…. The problem.. My scalp is swelling with blister on and are very sensitive. I washed my hear this morning and after blow drying it my eyes start burning again (burn during the process) On Saturday I weak up with a sore throat and a cold symptoms. This is my first BB. I saw the product at my stylist and it defiantly state Brazilian Blow out. did you have clients with the same symptoms? what do you suggest I must do as I really don’t feel well?

  12. Denise says:

    I went to the doctor. Defiantly the BB. I Understand now why other countries banded the product. It left me with lots of other symptoms like bronchitis, headaches, sore throat and a hand of medicine that includes cortisone. Be careful ladies no one ever warned me of any possible negative symptoms.

    • I’m surprised. During consultation they should have mentioned something or at least offered to do a patch test to see if you had sensitivities. I’m so sorry you had this experience. I wish you a swift recovery.

  13. Angela says:

    Hi, I have curly and freezy thin hair, can i have a bb treatment???

  14. admingsi says:

    I had a full Brazilian Blowout at a very reputable and dedicated BB salon. It’s exactly what I hoped for and everything was fine for the first few weeks but by week 4 it was all gone.

    Recently and about 8 weeks since my original BB, I just had another at a different salon. I could tell as soon as I washed it that it wasn’t done well as there was frizz after my first wash. It’s now a week later and gone.

    I have very fine, frizzy, thick hair and I really want this to work, but for the price it’s not feasible to keep testing it out. Are there certain hairs types that will not hold a Brazillian Blow out? What could be going on?

    • Do you have hard water? Did you swim? Were you using the masque weekly as well as a sulfate free shampoo?

      • admingsi says:

        Yes, I do have hard water but do not swim. I also made a huge investment in the product – BB shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning masque, thermal serum, and straightening balm.

      • It could be the hard water. However weekly application of the masque would maintain the BB. There’s some possibilities. One is that neither place coated your hair enough or maybe they didn’t set the iron to an appropriate temperature or do enough passes of the iron. I have various textures coming to me and not once has it faded that fast. So I don’t think it’s your hair. I think it’s perhaps a combination of hard water and an error by the stylist.

  15. Elle says:


    I am booked into getting BB done here in Australia. They have informed me there is no formaldehyde, however you mentioned there is? I am a bit concerned as I have had formaldehyde on my finger nails before (strengthening nail polish) And my nails reacted by lifting off the nail bed. Do you think i would have a reaction to the BB with my hair?


  16. Michelle says:

    Your blog is very informative, just have quick questions about the flat iron… Does it have to be titanium or can it be ceramic? Also, which one (titanium or ceramic) do you recommend and where would I be able to purchase it?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • The manufacturer recommends titanium plates. For BB I stick to that, but in general I have a few irons with varying materials. For general use I don’t have a preference they’re all great. For BB I have found the results are superior with titanium plates.

  17. Michelle says:

    Your blog is very informative, just have quick questions about the flat iron… Does it have to be titanium or can it be ceramic? Also, which one (titanium or ceramic) do you recommend and where would I be able to purchase it?

    Thank you! 😀

    • BB recommends a titanium iron. I have used both and see very little difference. The titanium is better but the ceramic will do just fine. You can get these at Ulta or any other salon/supply. I would stick to a legitimate store where you can rely on a warranty.

      • Michelle says:

        At what temperature does the flat iron has to be set? – Thank you!

      • It depends on hair density, texture, desired result, and overall condition. If hair is fragile or fine maybe 315 degrees or for coarse resistant hair all the way up to 450 degrees. There’s a lot of factors to determine the temp.

  18. Mary says:

    I just got a BB … she didn’t rinse the product after all the process… she just told me that I can wash my hair right after the treatment or before going to bed… that means it is going to last less time? And when I wash my hair for the first time after the BB should I blow dry and use the flat iron after?

    • The second part of it is necessary. Unless you use the mask after you rise it out it probably won’t last as long. Essentially you got the express treatment high lasts about half the time.

      • Jackie c says:

        Hello I have had 2 BB in the past but I didn’t feel they worked I got one today though groupon. They did all the steps mentioned and she had all the BB products, but she said in her classes recently they were taught a new process so she did not rinse my hair and mask it, she said for me to rinse it good tomorrow and she sent me home with mask product and said after I rinse it to apply mask for 5 min and then rinse and not shampoo. That they learned the treatment last longer. Have you heard of this before?

      • I will talk to my distributor. The last I heard it makes no difference. Sending the client home with the mask means boosted revenue and shortened service which in turn means time for more clients. They initially told me they don’t recommend the client rinsing at home because the solution can get in the eyes and burn.

      • Briana says:

        What exactly is a Brazilian Blowout express? Is it the same exact product used for treatment just it is not washed out? Why doesn’t it last as long what happens or doesn’t happen when the hair isn’t rinsed with masque applied? Thank you!

      • It’s the same solution but the masque isn’t applied. The mask has a protein element that seals down the solution. Without the mask the BB may only last half the time.

  19. cyd says:

    thank you for the info! I just got the BB done yesterday and am now looking for best shampoos to keep it in as long as possible. My stylist did everything as you described, including going with the iron through each patch multiple times and the rinse and mask in the end BUT even though the solution smelled like bubblegum, she told me to close my eyes while she blowdried my hair after application and my nose burned. I’m just confused since you wrote that shouldn’t happen?
    Also, she just told me to use any sulfate-free shampoo, but i also keep seeing online that shampoos with sodium chloride are a no? is that true? I already have Organix Brazillian Keratin shampoo and was wondering if I can continue using that?
    Sorry for all the questions but your blog has been so helpful so far 🙂

    • I would recommend using the actual BB aftercare since it is formulated to make the blwoout last longer. The masque contains the proteins to maintain it. Anything else could strip it. With my clients I’ve found that Livingproof products really help but the BB company strictly recommends their products since they’ve been formulated specifically for this. In general you want something sulfate free and chloride free because this will strip it right out of your hair. I recommend switching shampoo, I don’t think Keratin shampoos are helpful. I’ve noticed long term they make hair brittle because just coating the hair in keratin doesn’t help. It builds up and eventually causes dandruff.

  20. Ghaya says:

    Thanks for good article I did my blow out 10 days ago and I want to know what else can I do other than blowout shampoo and the conditionor. What masks or oils I can use or hair ampoules

    • Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are fine as long as you use the BB masque every few shampoos. I would stay away from anything else like oils or random treatments.

  21. Anjanee says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this info. I’ve been researching & considering a BB for some time now. Is the second treatment a “touch up” or does it get applied to all the hair a second time? Thanks again. May I ask the name of your salon? I’m also in Texas and would consider making the trip to have it done right.

  22. Dominica says:

    I appreciate all your informative posts. I just had my second BB at a new stylist who apparently gave me the express version of the BB since she was finished after applying the chemical, blow drying, and then flat ironing my hair. She said she was done even though I questioned why she didn’t rinse and mask my hair. I was instructed to go home and not wash my hair for a week. As I said before, this is the second time with this stylist. The first time lasted for 7 weeks at most. I like this stylist but feel I would offend her by asking for that final step. Advise? Also, I do my best not to wash my hair every day which is hard since I work out and sweat through my head (gross, I know!) Sometimes, I just rinse it out. I do feel like my hair is stick straight when it was fine ringlets before. I had BB in the past with a different stylist that NEVER straightened my hair like this, and she did masque and blow my hair out in the end. I noticed that the BB used on me with the new stylist is much stronger as we have to have a window open and my eyes covered while doing it. I’d like to wash my hair tomorrow as it will be day 2 after my BB. What do you think? Thanks so much.

    • I think it would be ok to ask why she does it that way and doesn’t finish with the final step. You could always use the mask at home on your own. It’s about $40 and should be used every few washes anyway. Hope that helps!

  23. Jenny says:

    Hi there, i just had a bb treatment done. They followed all the steps (washed, applied treatment, blow dried, flat ironed) except they did not do the second rinse. I was given some of the masque and told to wash off the treatment in 3days. Is this correct? Im worried that i just wasted a chunk of money.

    • That’s what I call an express at my salon. There’s no need to leave BB in for days if you do the full procedure and actually leaving it on for that long before you rinse isn’t in my opinion a great idea. Because you don’t shampoo, you run the risk of buildup. I charge about half the price for what you got done.

      • Janine says:

        Thats just not cool. Its the 1st time im doing this. So does an express mean it wont last as long? Why would they tell me to leave it in for 3days?

      • They must not be certified. They are doing a Brazilian Blowout using the method for keratin treatment. They aren’t the same and shouldn’t be done the same.

      • Jenny says:

        Thats not cool. Does this mean it wont last as long? Why would they tell me to leave it for 3days?

      • Keratin treatments are done that way and stylists who haven’t gone through training usually just do BB the same way. But it’s not the same thing. It’s sort of a short cut and an easy way to move retail off the shelves and boost numbers. I’m not too sure how long it will last because I’ve personally never done this to my clients but the express lasts 8ish weeks instead of 12. Additionally BB themselves say that leaving it on longer doesn’t do anything. Hope this helps.

  24. Jenny says:


    • It’s not correct. They are doing BB with keratin procedure. They aren’t the same. There is no benefit to leaving it in longer. Per manufacturer’s instructions it should be rinsed, masque treatment, and styled out after it has been sealed on to the hair.

  25. 1melissablog says:

    My stylist put the BB in my hair, blow dried it through. And, straightened. That’s it. She charged me $165.

  26. 1melissablog says:

    I went to my hair stylist to get the Brazilian blowout. The bottle said Brazilian blowout. I never had had one, so I wasn’t sure as to what to expect. She did all the steps I think? I know for sure she didn’t do the last step. She put that BB in my hair, combed it through section by section. She blow dried, and flat ironed it. Then, I was charged $165, that’s not including the extra $40 I gave in tip to her. I asked her why it was expensive. I didn’t take long at all. I have hair length, just passing my ears. My hair is bone straight as it is. She said the reason as to why it cost so much is due to the fact that each of those bottles are $300 a piece. I took her word. Did I get ripped off?

    • She did half the treatment and charged roughly half the price. Did she at least send you home with the mask?

      • 1melissablog says:

        No, mask was sent home. Some shampoo and conditioner for about 2-3 washes. How much does a treatment like this cost? I was charged, $165. And, she washed my hair, put the BB in my hair, blow dried it through, than she ran a flat iron. That’s it.

      • All of this sounds wrong to me. Was it washed several times at the start? Did she flat iron each section several times? The mask has protein in it which sort of completes the service and helps the blowout to last longer. What was done to you would not last 12 weeks for sure.

      • 1melissablog says:

        I don’t think she washed my hair more than once. Maybe twice?. She flat ironed the sections, but I couldn’t tell you how many times she flat ironed each one. And, I am not sure what I had expected, as it was my first time. My hair after a week of the treatment was frizzy, so I am not sure what exactly a BB does? And, for $165. I saw your website and thought I would ask. I am still puzzled by this BB experience.

      • Yea in my opinion you were ripped off. It seems like she did a keratin procedure with the BB product. You should go back and see what they can do for you. It’s possible they aren’t certified.

      • 1melissablog says:

        Okay. Thank you for all your help.

      • No problem! Good luck!

  27. Donia says:

    I’m trying to remove semi permanent color from my hair. I’ve had the BB done multiple times over 5 years. I’ve seen vitamin c and head and shoulders shampoo as safe for preventing damages. Are those methods safe for BB? My hair can’t withstand any more bleach or color at this point.

    • I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Are you trying to strip color from your hair or are you trying to take care of damaged hair? Only sulfate free shampoos are suggested for BB and even then only their products to are truly recommended for BB treated hair. I’m assuming you mean you’re growing out previous color treatments? Please clarify so I can give you a better answer. Head and shoulders is meant to treat fungus on the head and will probably dry out your hair and strip it of the BB.

      • Donia says:

        I have the Brazilian Blowout. I recently went grey with my color using semi permanent color. Due to the damage done through processing, my hair cannot withstand any more bleach to remove the grey not can I color on top of it. Through some research I found some methods of removing semi permanent and direct dyes from hair. One is by using dandruff shampoo, and a bother by mixing vitamin C tablets with shampoo. However I can’t find anything specifying whether those methods would remove my blowout as well. My question is whether or not those would be a safe bleach alternative while keeping the integrity of my BB

      • I understand, Thank you for clearing that up. Yes you will definitely lose your BB. If it’s been more than 2 weeks then you’d be able to color over with a conditioning demi permanent. If you can find a Pravana artist, I recommend that line for damaged hair. Where are you located? I may be able to find a colleague that can help you save your hair. Please email me

      • Donia says:

        I’m in southern Cali and I have a girl that I trust as she knows all the processing that has been done this far. Thank you for the suggestion though. We’ve done countless olaplex treatments to replenish my hair as well as deep conditioning and coconut oil that I use at home. My hair is improved, however I still have breakage and have lost a lot of length. Im starting on viviscal vitamins soon, but I’m just not willing to put it through further damage for at least 3-4 additional months. Eventually we will take it back to a more natural color, but I’d like to get rid of the grey if possible. Is there anything else you can suggest that’s chemical free and non damaging besides just letting it fade?

      • You could use Malibu treatments to get the color out. It’s natural and less damaging, but you’ll probably lose your BB. Livingproof makes great product to restore the health of the hair. You could use the Perfect Hair Day line. I can’t advise much because I need to see and touch your hair to know what it can handle, but the safest bet I would take with my clients is to have them use Perfect Hair Day products, and color the top to create an ombre so we can gradually cut off the gray. Hair has its limits so if yours has reached its limit, the only option may be to let it grow, nourish it, and trim it often.

  28. LizB says:

    Very informative post. Thank you. I received what I thought was a BB last June and my hair is now destroyed and breaking terribly. I now miss my curls so much and feel it’s going to take years to get them back at the rate my hair is growing. I only have a couple of inches growing out wavy and still not crazy curly and the rest is straight. Is this because I am still using the BB products? How can I reverse this? This treatment has my hair breaking and it’s awful.

    • Sounds like you didn’t get a BB! The blowout doesn’t permanently straighten your hair so by 12 weeks it will just go back to what it was before. You shouldn’t have wavy regrowth and stick straight ends. That’s what a relaxer does. And absolutely there shouldn’t be damage from the BB because the solution helps repair hair and make it healthier over time. The damage only happens when it is done improperly.

      • LizB says:

        Ugh this is frustrating. I figured it couldn’t be this way. Sorry for just posting twice. My original post wasn’t showing so I reposted. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do to get my curls back? My hair was never super curly, it had curls in areas and wave in others and I used product to get it curlier but for the most part always blew it out. Right now it keeps getting shorter because of breakage. I have never missed my wavy frizzy hair ever until now.

      • I am so sorry you are going through this! Unfortunately the only way you will get the original texture back is when it grows out. There’s not really a safe way to reverse the process you received. A few things that will help. Some people love the hair skin and nails vitamins. What I’ve found works best is taking “Super B Complex” and “Biotin” (available at any grocery store or drug store in the vitamin section). Both of these vitamins will promote growth. Drink plenty of water. Please keep me posted. I can bet money you didn’t get a Blowout because there’s no way it would have lasted 9 months let alone have made your hair straight. Good luck!

    • LizB says:

      Thank you for the information. What a bummer, this will take years to grow out. Hopefully with the vitamins I can speed it up. Appreciate the recommendation. Do you know anything about horsetail silica supplements? I was thinking of taking that as well.

      • I’ve heard it’s not good taken over a length of time. Given that you’ll be at this for a while, I think the vitamins are a safer bet. Glad to be of help.

    • LizB says:

      Thank you!! Crossing fingers my hair starts growing exponentially.

  29. LizB says:

    Very informative post. Hoping you can help me to strip the BB out of my hair. I had my first treatment 9 months ago and only 2 inches of my hair have grown out (roughly) and it’s only a wave, not super curly. My hair is so broken from this that all I want is for my old hair back. I believe it was a BB treatment but could it be something else since it’s lasted this long? What can I do to get my old hair back? At this rate it’s going to take years. 😦

  30. Ashley says:

    Hello, I am finally done nursing and hoping to get a BB. I have tried the aftercare shampoo before just as a frizz reducing shampoo, but I had a reaction to it. Since I cannot use the recommended shampoo, what would be the best sulfate free shampoo to use? And does $250 seem like a reasonable price for shoulder length thick hair?

    • I love the Livingproof No Frizz line. But I would recommend the Brazilian Blowout Masque the do every few shampoos to keep the blowout intact longer. Many of my clients don’t use the aftercare products and opt for Livingproof instead. $250 seems reasonable.

  31. Jennifer McBride says:

    Hi! I just had a Brazilian blowout done over the weekend and the results are amazing!!! I’d love for it to last as long as possible by my stylist was fairly vague about what type of shampoo/conditioner to get (aside from saying the sulfate free stuff). Which products do you recommend to your clients to use?

    • My clients use either the actual Brazilian Blowout shampoo conditioner and masque, or they use Livingproof shampoo and conditioner plus the BB masque. With Livingproof you can use whichever is good for your hair type. I prefer Restore, Perfect Hair Day or Timeless for my BB clients. In general any sulfate free product might be ok but these are the ones I have recommended that I know don’t strip the hair of BB. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions.

  32. Babe says:

    My stylist does the BB and runs the flat iron 10 times on each section of hair. She leaves it like that and tells me to flat iron it every day for the next few days. Then on the 3rd or 4th day, to rinse it, use the mask and re-iron it. Does this seem right to you?

    • Not really. There isn’t a benefit to sealing it on and leaving it for days. A lot of stylists seem to be doing the blowout as a keratin treatment. They are not the same and shouldn’t be done the same.

  33. Renee says:

    I just received a BB today….. again. Not my 1st time. She didn’t apply the Masque. It’s been about 6 hours since I left there. Is it too late for me to just do the Masque myself or not?

    • You totally could. Just tip your head back so the solution doesn’t rinse in to your eyes. Rinse for a few minutes to get rid of the solution residue. Apply masque, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse.

  34. Aarti says:

    I’m a longtime eyebrow client of your Mom’s — and she recommended your blog to me, which I *love*. You’re a fantastic writer and your posts are extremely helpful. So, I wish I had consulted you before getting a keratin treatment, as now I’m pretty freaked out about the chemical exposure. Is there more formaldehyde exposure during a keratin vs a BB? I live in California (I visit your Mom whenever I’m back in Texas) — otherwise I would have gone to you!! I don’t think I’ll ever get this done again, as I’m pretty freaked out now about what I’ve done. Is there a lot of risk in just getting it done once?

    PS – Please tell your Mom I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to do a color when I was in Texas last time, things got sooo hectic towards the end of my trip. xoxo

    • Hey Aarti! Thank you so much for reading! The chemical exposure is slightly more with keratin. It kind of all boils down to your stylist. The formaldehyde is released as a gas during the initial flat ironing process. Your Stylist should have a vent fan on or at least have a fan facing you to drive way fumes. There isn’t a huge risk but like any scientific research, these smoothing systems haven’t been around long enough to extrapolate for long term effects. I’ve been performing blowouts for 3 years now and I don’t have respiratory issues or any other ill effects. I do feel drowsy and get a headache after I do a keratin but never with BB. In short, the one time will not affect you as much. Going forward try the BB and make sure the stylist is doing everything they can to vent out the area.

      I’ll let my mom know, I’m sure she understands. 😀

  35. Aarti says:

    Ugh – sorry to hear you have such terrible symptoms after the keratin! Do you still do them even though you prefer the BB? I got drowsy during mine, but that tends to happen even when I do regular post-haircut blowouts. No other symptoms, so far. I’ve learned to consult your blog before next time I’m thinking of getting a major hair treatment. 🙂

    • I still do the keratin because certain textures really need that extra smoothing. Or the clients expectations won’t be met with BB. I certainly prefer BB though. Yes please reach out anytime you have questions. I’m happy to help.

  36. Veronica says:

    I just had my first BB and I spent $300 (I got cuz and color too)…so I didn’t want to spend another $70 on the shampoo and conditioner…Can I just use another type of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner??? Thanks!! 🙂

    • It likely won’t last as long. Sulfate free is good but the BB products have the ingredients from the solution (amino acids) so it refreshes the treatment with each wash. Especially the Masque.

  37. Angela says:

    Got the” BB” yesterday. She washed my hair blow dried put treatment (don’t remember which she did first, blow dry or treatment). Then it took her 2 hrs to straighten it cause she went over every strand 5 times and my hair is very long. She did not rinse it out afterwards and instead said u can shower whenever u want or u can come back next week for the second part of the treatment so we can wash it out for u…. What is going on.. I just spent $250. Please help! Should I just go buy a masque and do it myself ?? I don’t want it to only last 6-8 weeks

    • I would suggest that you get the masque and do it yourself. The coat sounds like full treatment but it shouldn’t be an option or “come whenever”. Sounds like they ran out of time or didn’t anticipate your hair taking such a long time. The procedure would be to wash thoroughly then apply solution section by section, blow dry, flat iron up to 7 passes per section. Rinse, masque, style out. If you waited several days your hair would need to be washed and wouldn’t do with a simple rinse out and masque. So it would only last half the time.

  38. Where can I buy the shampoo and conditioner. My salon is very expensive. Is the Brazilian blowout on Amazon the real deal.

    • Not likely. It could be expired or fraudulent product. I don’t recommend ever getting hair or skincare products from amazon. Many of my clients have experienced full body rashes and hair loss because of products they got on amazon. It’s worth spending the money and getting legitimate product. Remember it’s concentrated so you would only use about a quarter sized amount of shampoo and conditioner. It should last a while. Some of my clients aren’t fond of the BB products so I recommend Livingproof as long as they use the BB Masque from time to time. Just keep in mind…there is a reason it’s cheaper on Amazon.

  39. Agialam says:

    Hi I have an appointment to get a BB tomorrow but the salon is telling me that i will not be able to wash my hair for 48 hours afterwards. I suspect they are doing the keratin procedure with the BB products. Should I just cancel and look elsewhere? Or will the procedure still work?

    • It’s likely they aren’t certified. I would schedule with a certified stylist to ensure that you not only get your money’s worth but that you also don’t end up with damaged hair.

  40. Shirley Watts says:

    I recently had a keratin blow out. My stylist let my hair almost completely dry by itself after she put the product on before she dried it with blowdryer. The reason was because she had too many irons in the fire. In other trying to do too many clients while doing mine. She did flat iron it too. But I did not like my hair this time. I just want to know if your hair should be wet when you blow it out smooth?

    • It doesn’t really matter during the blow dry part because the heat from blow drying could start to seal the keratin incompletely. At least this is the case with Brazilian Blowout and probably the same with keratin as well. It comes down to how the blow dry is being done. For example if the stylist touches the nozzle to the brush as they are drying it can rapidly increase the heat and start to seal the solution. Then on top of that if they are rushing through flat ironing it may just not be a proper seal. Does that make sense?

  41. Nancy says:

    On the 5th step the blowout masque how long should the hairdresser leave this on for

  42. cheri says:

    HI Quick question… I have been getting BB for a while now. I love them and they help my hair tremendously. I also have a very dry flaky scalp. I just found a shampoo that helps my scalp. I have been trying shampoos for 20+ years and nothing has worked. The shampoo is called Nioxin but it contains sodium laurel and laureth sulfates. I really need to get a BB again but i also need to use this shampoo. is there any advice you can give me. i am having a hard time choosing between a nice scalp or un-frizzy hair! it appears I can’t have both. any suggestions??

    • The Nioxin (amazing isn’t it?! My husband uses it) will likely strip the BB right out. They do make Nioxin for color treated hair which wouldn’t have sulfates in it.

  43. natasha says:

    hello! i have slightly wavy hair, almost straight, but my problem is frizz.. i keep colouring my hair, about 3 times a year so my hair is really rough and frizzy now. i want to stop using straightening irons every 2,3 times a week so i wanted to ask if i brazilian blowout is a good option for me?
    my only concern is that what if it makes my already straight hair dead straight?

    • No if you go to a certified stylist they will be able to customize the treatment so you maintain your wave and eliminate frizz. You may want to try Livingproof products before you down this route. They have some amazing products that will target the damage and leave hair shiny healthy and frizz free. Just be sure to speak to a Livingproof stylist to get the right regimen for you because these are highly effective products.

  44. Mary Tessell says:

    I just had BB last week. I was told beforehand by stylist that it would NOT take the color out of my hair. So, I had my hair colored 2 days before and that stylist said it would take color out. I called and spoke to the place where I was getting BB and they reassured me my color would be fine! I loved my color! Long story short—the color was taken out and way lighter!! They put a glaze over it and it ended up looking nice, but still lighter. I love the blowout, but I want my color to be the color I love also. They told me at the BB salon that this has never happened to them before. My hair is fine. Is there any way I can get my hair colored after treatment? Thank you for your reply in advance.

    • Wait two weeks after getting the blowout to color. The color won’t penetrate before that. It is unusual that the color faded, the blowout actually locks in color and makes it last longer. It’s possible they had the heat too high when flat ironing. No matter with or without solution, an iron set too high will fade color.

  45. Amber says:

    Hi! This is a long shot, but I am a stylist, and I used the Brazilian blowout split end treatment on a client this evening. I touched my eye while blow drying…is just rinsing with water okay? Also, I’m nursing, and I read that I’m not supposed to use the product while nursing! You just seem very informed on this product, and their hotline is closed 😦
    I just want to be sure my daughter will be okay and I won’t go blind haha
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my silly questions!

    • Yes just rinse like crazy. The split end treatment doesn’t have formaldehyde as a by product so I’ve been told by BB that it’s technically ok to use. I say go with your gut. I’m currently pregnant and do the split end but not the actual blowout. I also ventilate my room really well. Hope that helps!

  46. Rian says:

    Hi! I think my stylist did the “express” one on me. I wanted to ask if i can still wet my hair? My stylist said i have to wash my hair after 2 days. Thank you!

    • There is never downtime with Brazilian Blowout. It’s likely they are doing it with keratin procedure which would be wrong. An express will last you at most 6 weeks.

  47. Rebecca says:

    Hi I just had the BB a few days with great results. I had just spent a lot on Pureology shampoo and I was told to use sodium free shampoo, would the use of Pureology break down the product or should it be fine?

    • It should be sulfate free shampoo. Results can really only be guaranteed with the BB after care products. The BB Masque has similar proteins as the solution in it which help prolong results. So if you decide to use a different shampoo and conditioner I recommend getting the BB Masque to use every few washes.

  48. Grace says:

    hi! I got the brazilian blowout done yesterday and I absolutely love it so far. I haven’t washed my hair yet and I didn’t purchase the Brazilian Blowout shampoo/conditioner at the salon because of the large price tag. Do you think my best bet is to spend the money on the brand name or do you have any recommendations for a cheaper shampoo and conditioner that give the same results?

    • I would recommend at least getting the BB Masque because it has the protein in it that will prolong your blowout. My clients who aren’t fans of the BB shampoo and conditioner use Livingproof No Frizz products. They are sulfate free and repel dirt oil and sweat so hair stays cleaner longer. This means that hair doesn’t need to be washed as often and in turn the blowout lasts longer. You could use any of the Livingproof lines but I prefer No Frizz for my BB clients. Prices are $24-$28 depending on product.

  49. Marlie Ortiz says:

    I got a BB about 3 weeks ago. They colored my hair prior to BB. My gray at the roots is starting to show. Should I use semi permanent or permanent color to cover the gray? By the way, I love my BB!

    • It’s just your new growth so you would retouch like normal with permanent color. The new growth does not have blowout on it obviously so it would work like the regular root retouch you would expect to do every 4-6 weeks. None of this will affect your existing blowout.

  50. Susan Kreiss says:

    I had the genuine BB in early June along with my highlights and color, My hair was extremely straight and easy to style. Six or seven weeks later, I had my color done again, after which the effects of the BB were gone! My hair is frizzy, has to be dry blown every day and is generally a pain in the neck to maintain. This never happens when I have the Coppola Keratin treatment. Is the BB reversed by hair coloring. I have highlights and lowlights done,

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