Watermelon Salad

It is sweltering all over the country and that means it’s time for a refreshing recipe.  This salad is really easy to put together and so delicious.  It’s an interesting mix of flavors and it is certain to peak some interest.

I haven’t made it after I moved here to Minnesota, because watermelon costs about $4 for the tiny ones.  It’s ridiculously over-priced.  But when I lived in Texas, I made this all summer long!

Here’s what you need:


Red onion


salad greens


cumin/coriander powder

feta cheese

red wine vinegar

olive oil

Chop up all your ingredients and put in a bowl.  Add salt and pepper and cumin-corainder to taste.  Mix the olive oil and vinegar in a container and pour over the salad.  If you’d like a crunch, some chopped almonds go well with this salad.

Grab a cool glass of water, it’s going to be pretty stinkin’ hot for a bit.

Hey Boo Boo!


Oh my goodness I’m in the mood for a picnic.  Too bad it looks like this right now:


Hopefully this weekend the weather gets better.  I think I’ll do a picnic anyway and if the weather is gross we’ll just picnic in the living room next to our big beautiful backyard!  I think I’ll make some deviled eggs, a salad, some chutney sandwiches, a muffalatta, and I’ve got some white wine spritzers to wash it all down.  For dessert?  Perhaps some fruit.  What is everyone doing for Memorial Day?  I will be spending time with my wonderful family and being grateful for all the sacrifice the men and women in the service have made for us.  I am so proud of our country and for all that it stands for.  It’s a place where you can really get somewhere if you put in the effort.  God Bless America!