About me!

Hey everyone!  I am a hair/makeup stylist based out of Houston, TX.    My mother is a hair stylist and I grew up in the industry, but followed a totally different path before I made hair my career.  I went to college and got my BS in Nuclear Medicine.  Hair and makeup are my passions.  I love to make people feel great about themselves.  I also love to teach, so client education is a must for me.  If you find yourself in Sugarland, please come by the salon and say hello!  Or better yet, make an appointment!

I have a little boy who is my whole world.  My husband and I have a very strong and loving relationship and I look forward to teaching my son all about the world and life, love, and how to be a good person.  I think the world needs more good people, and I’m honored that God has blessed my husband and me with the responsibility of raising one.  I hope that you find my blog helpful, hopeful, uplifting, informative, inspiring, at the very least just a positive energy in your life.  I aim to inject each post with positivity and laughter.  I hope you find me as funny as I find myself 🙂  Anyway, have a wonderful day, I hope, rain or shine, you have the best day of your life, each day.

2 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Carole Avent says:

    You Are Awesome!!!
    God Bless you and your family !!!!
    Love your words:)

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