I’m baaack!

I just went on a wonderful gastronomic adventure!  I will post about it, I took pictures of most everything I ate!  But while I’m trying to catch up after having a week off, please give me a few days to get pictures uploaded and write you a wonderful story about what I experienced.

Vacations, I love, it’s the aftermath that makes it crazy.  I had no worries all week long and then I come back and realize I have so much to do to catch back up.  I have to make up hours, catch up on work things, and get things together for school.  Not my school, but my SON!  AHH!  He’s starting school next week!  I have mixed feelings.  I’m really happy about it because I know he will learn and grow and really benefit from the environment change.  I feel a bit sad because my baby is rapidly becoming a little boy and soon he will be graduating and we’ll be dancing at his wedding.  Time goes so much faster with a child.

Those of you parents out there that just experienced the first day of school…I am on your boat.  This year I wish my angel valuable learning moments, wonderful friends, and fun times!


Stay tuned I’m working on my post for the easy peasy apple cake…YUM!

One thought on “I’m baaack!

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