Let’s have some Pho!

Today we went to one of the many Vietnamese restaurants here in the twin cities. It’s called Quangs Deli and it’s in uptown. It’s spacious but cozy if that makes sense. They have a variety of things on their menu, but we go for one reason. Pho!! I had a craving today and so off we went. We always get the chicken pho or pho ga and its so good!! Its basically chicken noodle soup with the most amazing broth. I believe they season it with star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and a few other things. Chinese five spice comes to mind. There’s a million videos on youtube showing how to make it and one of these days I’m going to attempt it. My son enjoys the chicken from our soup and someday we’ll all be slurping away at the long vermicelli together. If you haven’t tried this delicious comfort food, you must!! It’s great for when you’re sick, on a rainy day, or just when you want something warm and soothing. My freshmen year of college I ate pho every single day and lost 20 lbs!! It’s not totally balanced but it’s basically water so it goes a long way.

Check out this picture…is your mouth watering??


I also took a picture with flash and got a pretty cool image.


So our router died and I’m having to write this from my iPhone which isn’t easy. Hopefully I have some time this week to pick up a new router. If any of you have a good recipe for pho please tell me!! If you live in the twin cities please check out Quangs they have good egg rolls too. Another place we frequent is Pho Tan Phat and Pho 79. There’s also Pho Hoa but we don’t go there often. If you like egg rolls you’ll LOVE the rolls at Que Viet…they’re HUGE and really good!!

Also if you have suggestions for routers that don’t crap out after a few years please let me know!

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