Jewelry woes solved!

Hey everybody!

Have you guys been in this predicament before: you buy an awesome outfit and don’t have jewelry for it and you think…well…now what?!  Or perhaps you’re a wonderful boyfriend/husband that wants to gift some jewelry that matches something but you’re on a budget.  I have the solution.

When I lived in Texas I used to go to this store all the time and I’m so excited to find out that there’s actually a couple here in the Twin Cities.  Those of you who don’t live near one or can’t get to one I have your problem solved!

So what magical place am I talking about?!

Charmin Charlie of course!!

If you have never heard of this place, it’s like heaven for accessory lovers.  They have the store organized by color and you’ll find earrings, rings, necklaces, sets, scarves, bags, shoes….EVERYTHING.




Visit their website at

Here is a map of their locations:


Something else I just found out is that they sell online now!  So if you have something coming up and you need to find the right jewelry for the occasion  head on over to their website and order your goodies!


P.S. I have a good recipe coming up…

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