Have a seat on my furry couch!

Welcome to The Furry Couch! I am Shreeda and this is my blog space! Everyone is welcome on my couch and I also invite you to comment and start discussions. I call this place the furry couch because I’m a hairdresser and animal lover and my couches have always been furry!! Couches also remind me of a comfortable place to relax and chat. So if you’re going to come, sit and have a cup of tea with me- bring your lint roller! I have always had a pet or a few in my life and there would always be clumps of fur on the furniture. It’s disgusting, I know, but it happens. Now that I’m doing hair I always find it in my clothes, shoes, EVERYWHERE! This is not so fun because it’s usually cut hair and it’s sharp and it hurts! Sometimes I even get splinters from the little pieces of hair! I must be destined to always have furry couches because I don’t even have a pet right now! We gave our dog up for adoption last year and it was really difficult, but it had to be done. I had my son and priorities shifted. Our dog had seizures and although he had never been violent during one, it was a possibility and we didn’t want to take that chance with our infant son in the mix. I hear my puppy has found a good loving home and they have him on medication to control his seizures. I’m so happy he found a good home, I really worried that no one would love him as much as we did! I miss Pinot so much!

One thought on “Have a seat on my furry couch!

  1. belkiscruz says:

    Love your blog! I want to come over and set on your furry couch and have some delicious chai tea.

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